Time at the gold markets


Daily gold price1

On this page you will find the daily gold price (for standard fine gold or 24 carat). The prices are provided in Euro (€) and US Dollar ($) for your convenience.

The date and time of the most recent price is displayed at the bottom of the graphs, this time is New York time. You can refresh this page to update the price during market opening hours. You can see the current time at the markets on the left.

Daily or intraday gold price:

  Euro €   US Dollar $  
  1 ounce 1,147.96    1 ounce 1,284.50   
  1 kilogram 36,907.71    1 kilogram 41,297.63   
  1 gram 36.91    1 gram 41.30   
  Londonfix AM 1,155.24    Londonfix AM 1,303.00   
  Londonfix PM 1,155.00    Londonfix PM 1,301.85   

Last 3 days (price in EURO per ounce)

Goldprice in EURO over the last 3 days

Price Evolution:

  Trend Prev. Close 1 month January 1st 52 Weeks  
  1 ounce USD  
  1 ounce EUR  

1Source of the gold price: www.24hgold.com